Covid Care

Nasal Protecting Balm

We are developing a nasal sanitizer balm that protects your nose almost as well as a face mask.

"The nose is the weakest link of the face. It allows easy entry of infective agents into your respiratory system. The nose is dark, damp, and moist. Secretions in the nose also feed the microbes and allow them to multiply rapidly. From there, they enter into your sinuses, throat, and lungs cause havoc."

World First Water Soluble Vitamin D

About 90% of us is Vitamin D deficient. The current epidemic of vitamin D deficiency has collided with the COVID-19 pandemic and likely increased the number of deaths because of vitamin D insufficiency.

Health professionals strongly support supplementation of Vitamin D. Vitamin D works at the DNA level in supporting multiple body systems to promote health and build immunity. Evidence is clear adults and children are not getting enough Vitamin D even if they live in a sunny climate – which is why it is currently the most sought-after Vitamin today in the market.

Introducing the Next Big Thing For Your Immunity – HydroD!

A natural, high potency, liquid Vitamin D formulated by experts.

Liquid-based which enhances absorption by more than 5x compared to fat-soluble Vitamin D, bioavailability and health benefits

Highest quality standards: extensive heavy metal, contaminant, microbial testing conducted in accordance to strict quality guidelines

Great taste derived from natural berries flavours, suitable for adults and children.


The 100% natural plant based anti-pathogenic solution proven effective against more than 150 assorted fungi, bacteria and viruses.

  • All natural
  • Proprietary US Technology
  • Plant actives extracted using unique temperature and pressure control
  • Broad spectrum anti-pathogenic solution
  • Approved by New Zealand EPA

Silver Bullet

Patent pending Stanasil technology that provides the highest concentration nano silver sanitizer at 70ppm for better coverage (can be used for hard to reach spot where pathogens grow. eg: tiny cracks, crevices)